4:39 pm, May 28, 2015

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  • Space
    Tom T.
    My Agency (IRS) is on a contant quest to reduce space, but has not taken a brainless approach, and is willing to play the long game to improve. For my work group, this has had 2 results, smaller cubicles and telework. If you really want to understand how little space you really need work form home. You will be shocked how stingy the landlord (you) is, the home already has most of its space deidicated to other functions. The IRS has used telework to reduce space by completely elimiating office cubicles for one type of telworker (the type that comes in 1 time a week). They tend to wait to eliminate the cubicle until it is needed for another or savings can be captured (smart right). As for the smaller cubicle, my last move downward was from a poorly designed but very large one to a much smaller extremely well thought out space with some external stoage space. The smaller space is so much better, I can reach about half of the useable space from my chair. As for the person who wrote in, I would be interested to know if the is a permanent move. At difererent agencies I have been involved in short term moves into spaces in transition (horrible temp space ahead of a better permanent space). Short term can be years but the wait is often worth it.
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  • Feds in a tight spot
    I work in a building that was intented to only house about 900 people and now actually has over 1200 people with more to move in. It is not so much the smaller working space...we just accommodate what we are given...it is the din of everyone else's voices and phone conversations and computer "voices", private conversations, etc. All of this outside noise makes it hard to concentrate on what I am working on with all the extra volume floating around me...this includes the printers and fax machines. I have also noticed that these disruptions affect people who work in a fish bowl situation, without "wall" dividers, even more. Makes one wonder what the working space situation was when several of our fellow feds went "postal". Neither space nor salary means as much as the sense that each person is valued and respected...even it just means having a small PRIVATE area in which to work.
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  • Feds in a tight spot - literally
    I have to agree with the folks that say smaller is better as long as it suits your needs. I moved from a designated office (with a door which was great!) to an open cubicle. Way less space, but set up to be more efficient. Quite frankly it could be even smaller and still be sufficient. The main issue is the noise. If you get one or more persons on a conference call, especially if they think they are really important and have to talk loud so everyone can hear, it becomes a circus environment. As far as the smaller spaces not fitting the employees....spaces, lets all remember that with the reduction in our pay that we are all about to receive via the increased pension and health contributions and the lack of pay raises, we will probably be eating less due to lack of money. I'm thinking of copywriting it, The Fed Diet. Less pay, less food, less space needed. LPFS. There's the acronym for those of you that need it as government employees.
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