6:23 am, May 23, 2015

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  • This news is flawed
    These clowns don't know or understand how federal funds are appropriated and expended. We do not have Income Statements to manage, we have powerful, influencial and elected officials calling all the shots on funds, NOT a finance committee reporting to the investment board. When billion doallr contracts are let, it is for goods and services, but many are controlled by secret entities (ie. Congressman in the district). "agencies should make investment decisions based on the capabilities it needs before considering any specific systems." Yeah, sure! We already do that quite well with the Lean-Six. Come and learn from us private sector. Oh! that's right, colleges have incorporated the Lean-Six fundementals. Lastly, main legacy financial systems are easy to analze. But what makes it hard is when you have thousands of legacy financial systems that feed into the global cycle, that have been around for decades, that have unique data and how it is retrieved, maintained or managed... you private sector clowns can not fathom the costs or the complexity. Everything you suggest the feds already do.
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