4:31 am, May 27, 2015

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  • Cutting cost from USPS
    What happen to closing the post office on Saturdays? This would be a great cost saving by not having to pay all those workers 52 days of pay per year, let alone the overhead cost savings. This would be one of the first steps I would take to cost costs where service is provided that doesn't need to be provided.
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  • Which day wuld be next??
    If Saturday would be eliminated and the post office was unhappy with there budget another year and decided to end delivery on another day in addition to the already cut Saturday's, which day should it be? My point is the post office is a service and not a business. It is the ONLY delivery service in the country that MUST deliver to EVERY address, not UPS or Fed Ex or any other, just the post office. So eliminating just one day starts a slippery slope to the end of the post office. You might think, hurrah, but is .44 cents that much if compared to private delivery service, if they would even deliver to your place? Be careful what you ask for. Besides, cutting cost is easy when there's so much fat at the top of this organization, are 40 VPs' really needed?
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