4:07 pm, May 25, 2015

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    deployed decoy
    Well the Mint has known of these internet issues for at least 5 years. Yet they continue to release very limited items that can only be ordered online. Factor in the Mint has NO software that filters out investors (not collectors) who have employees and family order as many of these as they can. When the rule is one per household or business. And in many cases the product goes up in cost the first week because they sell out to folks that create a monopoly and by hording, a rarity. Then factor in the Mints newest pricing structure that makes items less expensive at online auction sites in many cases because fools buy these that are not limited. The Mint is suspected of manipulating the collectable coin markets. The 2008 W silver $1 with the reverse of the 2007, at a time when the collector version (W) coin sales were sluggish. Resulting in millions of these sold that did not have the error. Then not enough silver in the bank to make these coins the next couple years or even the poof $1 in 2009. Or the 2004 extra leaf Wisconsin quarters only released in the Tucson Az area. One must assume they have cameras in the mint, who replaced that die in 2004 and then went to lunch making a quarter worth $500. Then quality control on the golden president dollars I wont even bother to discuss. The mint has bigger problems than a 1200 baud pipe into online sales.
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