10:47 am, May 29, 2015

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  • HR University
    I'm constantly dismayed at this type of article seen all too often in the Federally-oriented news media inside the Beltway, which essentially accepts without any attempt at close scrutiny a given agency's self-congratulatory flackery. Where's the vaunted probing, skeptical role of the press? Much of Ms. Medina's self-serving comments (including the fawning adulation of her boss, the ineffable OPM Director, John Berry) could have been easily challenged had there been any attempt to do some serious reportorial digging, but I guess that would have been too much work. One could easily infer if one chose that OPM has contracted with Federal News Radio for issuance of quasi-news releases. However, the usual mindless "happy talk" that emanates from agency PR shops should not be the benchmark against which the Federal news media should be assessing itself. Yet that all too often seems to be the case.
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