10:15 pm, May 25, 2015

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  • NOT a misperception
    I don't think OPM is being honest. This isn't a perception problem, it's a reality problem. Whether it's standard GS rules, or union-negotiated DEMO rules, it's simply not worth it to a supervisor to try firing someone for low performance. I think the only people in civil service that would disagree are low-performers and union reps.
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  • Wrong.
    The only people that agree with your statement are the low-life idiots of the republican and tea-bagger party spreading this spew! Not worth it to a supervisor? THAT is baloney! If the supervisor has a problem performer and doing nothing, then THAT supervisor is the problem, NOT the employee. There are rules, laws and tools in place to deal with any and ALL problem performers. And with the downsizing and so called stupid efficiencies, our work force is the lowest its been in decades. Most employees are handling duties that of 2 or 3 employees not long ago. But they are still expected to be a role model? You are ALL lunatic. And I hope you all get what you're asking for... Soon the only applicants that will want to apply for govt jobs are the losers and deadbeats. Anyone with any intelligence will surely know where not to work. This constant bashing of federal employees is enough to make anyone look elsewhere. Many of the complainers (like Zoopy) are mainly rejected outcast applicants who couldn't cut the rug to be a govt employee. If the application process is fair, then mgmt isn't hiring deabbeats like Zoopy! The American people need to be told the truth! The problems throughout the federal govt IS NOT the workers... it IS the management! It is riddled with favortism, nepotism and any other "ism" in the vocabulary to protect their kingdom! The GS15's and above are mostly the non-performers, but getting all the bonuses and promotions for kissing a@@. They all become the good-ole-boy club and spend and waste for their programs. This includes military leaders too! They hire people who do not know how to manage OR supervise. They give them ZERO training! But they allow them good performance, awards and bonuses ONLY if they play the good-ole-boy club. I see in our DoD dept waste, abuse and total mis-mgmt every day... THAT is not because of the workers... Besides, there are just too many chiefs and not enough Indians. There are too many O-5's above in the military.. I see many GS-15's walking around without nothing to do... playing the good-ole-boy club and they are role models... I am so glad I am retiring soon... being a federal employee use to have some respect and honor... now you are the trash! I hope you all get what you are asking for... Lastly, Obama... FIRE this worthless Berry. He is and has been clueless how to run OPM. He is a PRIME example of useless waste given to the upper mgmt! He is not a leader and don't even know what the merit principles (which are law) consist of!
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  • I stand corrected
    Correction: The only people that would disagree with me are low-performers, union reps, and Spanky.
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  • Perception and Poor Performers
    .."OPM recently released a memo reminding agencies that General Schedule employees who receive poor performance ratings should not automatically get within-grade step increases." Say what??? They had to be reminded??? "If we do our job right and show the American public that yes, there is strong performance accountability in the government,..." Say what??? There is no performance accountability!!! @Zoopy...it IS a reality problem!!! @Spanky...wake up and smell the coffee! Maybe you work in an agency where all the rules are followed, etc...but in my agency, poor performance is highly subjective unless it violates the law...and even then, I wonder! Bottom line, too many "managers" and not enough "troops"...wake up Rep Issa!!! I thought you were the great hope but after that last debacle on the Hill listening to the namby-pamby managers from DOJ...say what??? THAT is typical of the GS-15 and above grades!!!
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  • Causey awards
    I was underwhelmed by hearing of the award given to John Berry. As a long time OPM employee, I can attest that the general status of morale in what used to be referred to as the "Model Agency," until that became a matter for widespread ridicule, is poor and still heading south. With a record of flamboyantly announced policy initiatives followed by flurries of press releases to obfuscate the poor results of these same initiatives, Mr. Berry exemplifies the pattern of questionable behavior that drove the recently announced results of a poll of senior career service managers regarding their perceptions of political appointees under the current administration vis-a-vis those under its Bush administration predecessor. In a surprise to many, that revealed that the latter were held in higher regard (or, more accurately perhaps, at least in less disdain) than those of the current administration. It's sad but true to say that the record of OPM's politically appointed Directors since passage of the Civil Service Reform Act of 1978 has been generally poor, as they function as apparachiks of the White House with no gyroscope of control, such as was provided under the bipartisan leadership of OPM's predecessor, the U.S. Civil Service Commission. The single major exception was Constance Newman, OPM's Director during the G.H.W. Bush administration, whio was instrumental in shepherding the landmark FEPCA legislation through Congress in 1990. I can only hope that before I retire that I can once again feel proud in saying that I work for OPM, but that will certainly not occur until after John Berry exits the fifth floor in the TRB.
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  • Feds' Image
    In my 33 years of experience, I have seen that no matter how dedicated and hard-working a civil servant is, they rarely ever gain the respect of their military counterparts, let alone the public. Remember 911? Those who received recognition were in uniform. The civil servants who lost their lives were barely mentioned. It is a shame! Regardless of how civil servants are treated and/or regarded, the majority of them continue to faithfully serve our country well.
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