10:43 am, May 22, 2015

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  • Fast track customer service
    Problem: "I'm not getting helped fast enough". Answer: The staff is overloaded we'll get to it, please be patient. Congress' answer: We have too many civil servants, cut their pay, cut their benefits, cut their numbers, eliminate all their experienced workers. Double their workload again. Result: No one is now left that knows how to (or can or will) help you. Seems like real good management, is it any wonder there is progress and then there is Congress. When will someone with half a brain figure out smaller government means less services and service???Elephants have peanut sized brains and donkeys are too dumb and stubborn to figure it out.
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  • Two types of customer service
    JR Samples
    External and Internal. Internal customer service needs to be improved as well. Employees often have difficulties dealing with Human Resources, IT staff, procurement, etc. We have vacancies, but we have to jump through many hoops to issue a vacancy announcement. Why can't HR help, rather than hinder, the process. New computers are set up with software we will never use, but lack parts of software that we do need. Have you tried to order pens, pencils, or toner cartridges, only to be told six months later that funds are not available? The worst of all is the General Counsel - that office sits on proposed rules for a year or more before providing comments.
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