8:08 am, May 27, 2015

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  • Silly question. Who thought this up?
    Kenneth W.
    The article states that - "It also authorizes the military to give buyouts amounting to one year's salary for officers with anywhere between 20 and 29 years of service." Why would they do that? Any military member with 20 or more years active duty is eligible to retire immediately, without a buyout. The military only has to mandate that they have to retire. End of story. Why would you give them free money on their way out of the service. There's no guarantee that anyone can stay over 20 years and never has been. They receive their pension(s) immediately the next month after retirement, for the rest of their life. This isn't like a voluntary early retirement incentive that a civilian Federal employee gets to leave the government before they normally might leave. This is a waste of taxpayer funds, pure and simple.
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  • I agree
    It is more waste and abuse from the leaders in the Pentagon. They constantly go unaccounted for and maybe sometimes GAO finds things YEARS later that get revealed. Many of these wastes never see the light of day to the public. What the American people should be asking is... why did the DoD budget go from $400B up to $700B over one decade. And that does NOT include the cost of the wars. Yeah, Gates and the Pentagon are scrambling to cut here and there... but most of it is baloney and waste anyway. You have thousands of O-5 and above protecting their programs like they are at war themselves. They will do anything to keep their program funded, even though most are useless, duplicated and bloated. An example, look at each military dept. They each have been spending BILLIONS on various accounting systems. Just the Navy alone has about 4 different systems throwing billions to contractors and most are failures. The junk ERP is a prime example. Thru the 80's and 90's we used mainframe DB2 systems that worked and certainly didn't cost billions in one FY. I am glad Gates is going. He is a pure evil ex-CIA operative in charge of the biggest budget... but goes unaccounted for and no one questions... Lastly, explain to the American public WHY we are spending billions on aircraft, ships, subs, tanks and war vehicles when we are NOT fighting traditional combat wars. Why are we wasting those billions? The services need them like they need a whole in the head. We have an American financial crisis... but take a ride by a military base or fort... money flying around like it is Christmas. Aircraft flying overhead daily wasting millions in fuel... but there is no enemy airforce...
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