2:07 pm, May 25, 2015

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  • Yawn
    Radar Tech
    If men and women are totally equal...no difference other than plumbing...then this isn't news. If this happened back in the 70's, it might have been news. I presume that she is technically and tactically proficient and a competent leader, so this promotion is what she has earned and it isn't anything bigger or better than any other officer being promoted to general. If she isn't proficient or competent and she was promoted because she is a "she"...well that IS news and it should be reported. Other than that, YAWN. When you keep having to tell people that you are "just as good", you are fighting a perception that has some basis in reality. If you really are just as good, you do not have to keep trumpeting the fact. The facts speak for themselves.
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