9:51 pm, May 24, 2015

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  • Berets Were Terrible
    Radar Tech
    We got the berets about a year before I left the Army. They looked nice, but they were horrible. They had no visor so sun and rain were right in your eyes. They were hot. They were fussy. You had to keep trying to "shape" them and shave the felt, etc. to get them to look right. And if you didn't do that, you ended up looking more like a girlscout than a soldier. The patrol cap is much better. Even better is the "boonie hat"...but they won't go for that because it doesn't look as crisp. It never ceases to amaze me how much the military is all about "how it looks" rather than what actually works. The ideal is to train as you fight. That's what being a warrior is about...being prepared for combat, not looking good in your coffin. Boonie hats, helmets, and CVC helmets are for fighting. Berets are for trying to look "cool". The same thing goes for the Stryker and the Hummer. Wow...it's all scifi looking...neato...but it can't do a neutral steer turn in it's own length, can't go cross country in mud or snow, and has to deflate its tires to fit in transport aircraft. They should have been using upgraded M113A3s and Bradleys instead of spending crazy money for "cool looking" trucks and fancy jeeps...all to prove a concept, not win a war. I was reading FM-1 a few years back and all they were talking about was "transforming the force". Nothing about WINNING THE WARs! A little focus, gentlemen, please. Let's focus on winning and then leaving, not transforming the force and all the "looks good" garbage. You are supposed to be warriors...act like it.
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