2:11 am, May 23, 2015

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  • Travel Systems
    Irish Story
    The government could save millions of dollars in getting rid of absurd travel programs like FedTraveler which actually charges the government over $7 to file a simple $10 travel fee. The amount of fraud waste and abuse in that takes place in the travel arena alone is staggering and programs such as FedTraveler should be the first to be cut.
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  • You are So Very Right!
    Radar Tech
    The travel system is idiotic. Another stupid thing is the travel credit card. They should just go back to giving a check for 75% of the authorized travel amount and let the traveler use their own credit card or cash for the difference and then have them file for reimbursement. What does forcing the traveler to use the government card gain anyone except the credit card company? As it is now, there is also a huge problem with abuse of the cards, etc. and employees getting into trouble that are otherwise fine employees. What is the point of that?
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  • CUTS
    How about cutting out all Schedule C appointments; make the politicos compete. Eliminate all open reqs, immeidately; i.e., close the positions and never establish them again.
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  • Stop Spiral Development Contracts
    Radar Tech
    These are the most abused and costly ways of getting things done possible and we use them all the time! They are also a testimony to the ignorance and incompetence of those that enter into them with a contractor. The folks doing so do not even know what is needed, so they pay the contractor to tell them what they need and then pay those same contractors to develope that program. Then they wonder why there are massive cost overruns and why things take twice, three, four times as long to develope!!! The stupidity is overwhelming. The workers take a pay freeze while the managers hemorage money to contractors because they can't be bothered to know thier line of business sufficiently to know what is needed from the contractors. This happens in DoD, FAA, NASA, etc. and we pay $100s of Billions of dollars because of this Peter Principle in action. As an added bonus, the government, after paying for the development, owns no rights or licenses or hardware at the end of the contract. There is also nothing in the contract that says the program has to work when all is said and done...so projects go over budget and over schedule and then get cancelled with zero benefit realized. It's all so stupid!!! I guess it isn't really about "saving money" but more about transferring money to the right contractor in the right congressional district. Yet, we employees are blamed and suffer the pay freeze and pension disruption. Last time I checked, the entire government was running on our pension money. Grrrrrrrrrrrr.
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  • ATF Waste
    After reading this article, I'm still wondering why ATF has leased so much wasteful office space and garage parking one block from the Whitehouse in the heart of the nation's capital?
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  • Don't let them get away with it
    All of this...mess...is nothing more than a massive fraud being perpetrated on the American people and Federal employees by Congress. There are billions being sent to foreign countries and being spent on multiple redundencies and, yet, there is no talk...or even thought...about reducing or cutting these BEFORE taking a hachet to the domestic budget. This kind of thoughtlessness is immoral, unconsciousable, and un-American. If the American people don't rise up and vote every single Representative out-of-office...then they deserve the lower pay and lack of benefits they will all end-up with.
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