1:31 am, May 24, 2015

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  • Libyan attack
    The underlying basic issue is this sorry fiasco is not the convoluted process through which the administration was finally brought to "fess up" and cease attempting to blame the attack on the Beghazi consulate as an outcome of the anti-Muslim film rather than a coordinated and well-planned assault by Islamist terrorists. Rather it is the clear pattern of mistakes by top State Department officials in not responding to repeated on-the-ground requests for beefed up security and intelligence reports that had previously revealed the volatile and dangerous sitiation in that eastern Libyan city. Democratic sources have attempted to evade repsonsibility by claiming that House Republicans had cut $300 million from the diplomatic security budget, but as they must know this never went beyond the proposal stage, and the diplomatic security account was actually increased in each of the last three fiscal years. The FY 2013 budget (covering October 2012-Sepember 2013) for this account was indeed lowered from $775 million to $688 million, but that was at the ADMINISTRATION's own request. The so-called security funding shortfall wasn't apparently enough in any event to derail the 30 percent increase in the pay for the Department's Libya-stationed staff granted this past summer, as senior officials obviously disregarded all the warning signs and sought to lowball the security program's resources instead. Heads should roll over this, but don't hold your breath - Mrs. Clinton's vague claim of "taking responsibility" and the President's reprise of Truman's "the buck stops here" motto to the contrary. The news media's recently launched effort to claim for Mrs. Clinton a role as one of the great Secretaries of State (evidence for which is thin to nonexistent) may need some retooling in preparation for her expected run for the 2016 Democratic presidential nomination.
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  • Connect the Dots...
    It's easy to connect the dots AFTER a terrorist strike. Evidence of an impending strike on Pearl Harbor was disregarded because the idea of an attack was so farfetched. There was evidence of an impending attack prior to 9/11 but no-one connected the dots there either. Really, you can play this game with every strike against the U.S. Our federal employees have dedicated their lives keep us safe here and abroad do it regardless of whether there is a (R) or (D) in the White House. Feel free to spin your conspiracy theories based on a partisan point of view for the next 4 years. After all, I heard someone on Faux say this is BIGGER than Watergate.
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  • cia
    Agree with Jermiah. The politics of this are really sleazy. I've heard that CIA had a 12 man team on the ground in Benghazi. They backed off. Something smells.
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