9:55 am, May 25, 2015

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    Just how is this protection supposed to work when the government; i.e., US taxpayers, are faced with ~$61T in unfunded mandates?
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  • Irony
    I just love (not) the irony of "borrowing" the money to keep things running while they haggle over raising the debt ceiling and the money is from the VERY PEOPLE that they WANT TO FIRE!!! The idiots in congress don't even realize that NEXT time they can't "borrow" the money from employees that aren't there in the system any more (cause they were fired and took their money out).
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  • making it an "after-tax" contribution
    It is shocking that they might not only increase the contribution so much, but that it would be in "after-tax" dollars, so greatly amplifying the effect. My first thought was it would be like a Roth, and what goes in "after-taxes" comes out "after-taxes" later. But then I realized this isn't about the TSP, this is about the 1% (not 2%!) annuity. CSRS employees have been contributing 7% pre-tax(!) for their twice as much annuity, and if this change were to be made, they would be HUGELY advantaged over FERS employees. (The thinking is probably that any CSRS or CSRS-Offset people have been around since at least 1984, that is at least 27 years, so how much longer will any of them still be in the workplace. Thus, any huge disparity in compensation, i.e., twice as much pension for just 20% more in contribution, between those in the two different systems will go away as the CSRSers retire.)
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  • Geithner is Mis-Using our Funds
    I'm glad someone realizes that using Federal Retirees money to bail the Nation out is just WRONG. When they bankrupt this fund and still have no money; how do they plan to pay it back? This is the same as stealing.
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