10:17 am, May 27, 2015

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  • Lockout!
    Time Bandit
    I was laid off after working as a contractor for 10 years for the Navy (5 years in D.C.), I was so pleased when I heard the gov't/Navy removed their computers from contractor sites. I'm sure it was a cost saving measure for the Navy, I saw it also as a protection of information as well. The Navy can't take chances of those seeing things they are not suppose to see or have access to, my other hope is that the Navy removes the ability of Classified/NOFORN material from contractor sites as well, if it's not done already. I am sure I am not alone when I say that I have seen some stupidity going on, I loved my job and proud to have been able to work with the Navy.
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  • If Navy wants to save 25%, it will need to get support from those not vested in status quo
    Navy, like other defense agencies, have had their contractors become dependent on the billions of wasteful spending, analysis/paralysis and duplicate IT infrastructure. The 3 year root cause analysis of the IT Acquisition Advisory Council suggests that the current process inefficiencies under attack by congress and OMB (Section 804 and OMB 25 Point Plan) cannot be resolved with the same thinking that got them there in the first place. Furthermore, most traditional contractors and FFRDCs have zero access to industry best practices, Agile Methods or innovative approaches already proven in the commercial market. Some agencies have figured this out, and turning to non-traditional sources to get a truly objective view of where these savings can be found. Hopefully, Congress, OMB and Congress will recognize this conundrum and direct agencies to monitor potential conflicts of interests resulting from those who have created the old process and benefit from protecting the status quo.
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  • IT Financial Systems
    After working for many years in DFAS and working with all the services, I can assure you that each of the service's spend billions wastfully on duplicate IT programs. Let's take for an example the financial systems. The main system that does their accounting. Each service is spending millions annually to create, build and implement a financial system. Each service's commands are different and different systems. No one could fathom the billions that are wasted in contractors, systems, etc. This is JUST their financial system. Now you have thousands of other linked systems for assets, construction and other items which they are throwing away millions for duplication and supposed sunset that just creates others like it. It is completely out of control and there is no oversight! The military brass sail across the Potomac a Kiss A to get their budget money...
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  • Reduction in cost
    It is spelled open office.org, firefox, and thunderbird. The price is right.
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