10:22 am, May 26, 2015

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  • 10 percent
    The only places where I see actual hiring is connected with the White House or Congress where they have "grown" their staffs. When our agency has someone resign, retire or move to another agency (if they get lucky), many times that position is eliminated. Then because the workload starts to pile up, contractors are hired as a "replacement" - and not just one is hired. I say eliminate the contractors; we have too many of them.
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  • When you predicate your claim on lies...
    Fred Evil
    "From January 1994 to December 2000, the administration and Republicans in Congress worked together to reduce the size of the federal workforce by 381,000. Because of explosive growth in the federal workforce in this administration, these accomplishments have been erased. This bill will help us reverse the growth curve." " Funny, I remember an administration between Clinton and Obama....and it was responsible for the LARGEST INCREASE IN THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT, EVER!!! Yet they claim it's the Obama administrations fault!? Now who was that masked president again....?
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  • And who
    will inspect our food? Hurrah! Here comes E. Coli! Who will do basic biomedical research? Hurrah! Here comes cancer! Who will do what the vast majority of citizens want their government to do? Hurrah! The Rrepublicans got their way and we're all on our own to die in the street. Wonderful!
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  • Gotta love the scare tactics...
    Please show me where ANY ONE has advocated cutting food inspections by the federal government? Please! I'll wait right over here while you look...
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  • Obama Opened the Door
    NOT ED
    President Obama opened the door to the trashing of Federal Employees when he implemented a 2 year salary freeze. The Republicans took the opening and walked right in. Should this freeze be lengthened to 3-5 years, and more punishment added by the Republicans, fed employees won't recall that Obama opened the door, just that the Republicans walked through it and carried out harsh actions against Fed employees. Republicans need to wise up and realize it is a set up.
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  • 10% reduction in fed workforce?
    Not really. From the 25 years I have been working at my site, the feds that have retired over that time, 4 out of 5 of them have immediately come back as contractors and have stayed working for quite a long time and, yes, there is money available to them.
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  • Contractors
    I've seen the same, and they sometimes make even more as Contractors as they did as GS employees. How is this saving the taxpayers any money?
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  • Republicans?
    The Republicans claim to want several things, which are actually consistent and mutually reinforcing: (a) reducing the number of areas of life in which the federal govt. is involved (education, housing, etc.), and (b) reducing government spending. And the nice thing is, doing (a) should make (b) much easier. But the Republicans' public rhetoric seems to avoid seriously discussing (a), and just focuses on (b). I'm not impressed.
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