3:25 pm, May 30, 2015

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  • Rewarding poor behavior does not produce peace!
    Almost from the beginning of Obama's term, look what has happened. He requested Netayahu to stop building in the West Bank. Netanyahu responded, "No way". Obama demanded Netayahu stop building so a peace process could take place. Netanyahu responded, "Okay, I will stop building on most of the West Bank, but not in East Jerusalem. But, I refuse to define the parameters necessary for peace negotiations with Abbas". Abbas asked, what peace process? He wond't even define the parameters "for peace"? Netanyahu, "I will promise to negotiate the parameters, period." Which is to say, if you force me into a peace negotiation, I am not going to promise to do anything. Next, Obama supports Israels position on the Goldstone report and kills the report it in the UN and from going forward to the International Court of Justice. Netanyahu responds by ending his "partial freeze on building in the West Bank" and kills the peace effort. Obama supports Israel and blocks the Palestinian effort for statehood. Israel responds by killing 9 unarmed civilians in international waters, including one a US citizen shot 5 times, the last time point blank in the face. Netanyahu responds to Obama's efforts to shield Israel by "partially" reducing the seige on Gaza to allowing more food into Gaza ending the subsistence conditions there. Next, Obama blocks efforts of Turkey to hold Israel accountable for killing nine Turkish citizens. Netanyahu responds with more building in the West Bank. A raid on the Israeli embassy in Cairo, leads to a hostage situation and Obama interceeds on behalf of Israel. Israel responds by thanking Obama and then ordering more building on the West Bank. Abbas frustrated by the lack of negotiations, seeks observer status in the UN. The US opposes it, but it passes anyway. Netanyahu responds by ordering even more building than before in the West Bank in a bold effort to destroy any hope for any negotiation between Israel and the Palestinians. This is not a simple failure to see "eye to eye" this is one man attempting to direct Israel toward peace, and the other simply telling him, "forget you, not interested". The window for peace is rapidly closing. The next few months will show how isolated Netanyahu has made Israel in the world. Look for EU sanctions against Israel before years end. Obama is not constrained by any future re-election needs and the GOP is on the outs with regard to their influence in Congress. Their continued support of Israel, will result in the exact same result as their continued support of special interests over the interests of the US public. Israel is not a friend when they do whatever they like and think "problem resolved". Hardly, and the time to pay the piper is rapidly approaching.
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