2:05 am, May 28, 2015

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    deployed decoy
    The DOD NSPS manager left for a promotion about the same time congress directed NSPS terminated for failure. Now the NSPS transition officer is out the door as the transition goes forward. Several small problems not resolved. One since our team is permanent duty in the Middle East, we transitioned last June following less than accurate instructions. Best I can tell those transition instructions changed at least twice AFTER our transition. Many special rate overseas employees earned far less under NSPS. That money rewarding the masses to stay quite. Many special rate overseas employees thus were not afforded the same pay and step increases they would have otherwise earned under GS, a formal NSPS implementing instruction in 2007. Then through nothing less than fraud. Many of us reconverted to GS losing thousands in basic salary, that was NOT placed on save pay. Then Army failed to follow 5 CFR 530.322, when some 24 career fields fell under NEW special rate tables and apply said special rate “agency must set the employee's special rate at the step (or relative position in range for a GM employee) of the grade on the new special rate schedule that corresponds to the employee's existing numerical step (or relative position in range for a GM employee) as in effect immediately before the new special rate schedule takes effect” “by adding the applicable special rate supplement on top of the employee's GS rate”. Naturally MSPB tossed out all our cases because of the definition of basic pay, failing to even review CFR 530.322. In short I lost over $16,500 in 30 months in NSPS in basic salary (this amount reduced because I exceeded GS12 step 10 by 5% in NSPS during the weaning months). Then lost nine years of high step help (step 10) when they reconverted me as a step nine. This violated the implementing instructions that employees would earn the same they would have, had step increases not been eliminated in NSPS. In short, being conservative, in addition to the $16.5K I lost in NSPS. I am being short changed about $8000 a year after converting back to GS as an overseas special rate employee. I am working a federal class action. Mikes knows my contact. If you want to join this legal action, please contact me.
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