3:37 pm, May 24, 2015

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  • Why don't you just email them this article? Loose lips sink ships!
    I know you don't have to be a brain surgeon to think like a terrorist. However, some things are better off unsaid. This article is unnecessary and can only do more harm than good. Mike, think before you release words like this. Who knows? You may just give some rookie terrorist a great idea for him to make brownie points when he blows himself up while taking some innocent Americans with him. Hopefully, the rookie terrorist is BBQing and burning his American flag instead of reading your column today.
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  • Because nothing he is proposing is NEW?
    Just me
    I know you don't have to be a brain surgeon to figure this out. Nothing Mike said, in his article, is new, target wise. What was important was that someone said "Thanks" during a period when the public just wants to bash feds. So THANK YOU Mike.
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  • Holiday
    I can see where Fed is coming from, but I agree with just me. There is a higher security feeling, perhaps not necessary, and this is the result. It is a shame.------------ I wish a good holiday to all. If you are off, enjoy. We need a break. if you are working, thank you.
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  • The ones "we don't know about" ?
    How do you know there are foiled plots about which we don't know? That's simply a contradiction. Or are you taking the word of Bush-era officials, who lied to get us into a war of choice? Or perhaps CIA and NSA friends, who engage in illegal wiretapping and torture? There are plenty of good Feds, but those in our counter-terrorism branches certainly don't deserve the presumption of honor.
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  • Thanks to Feds?
    Thanks to Feds? No, cut their pay; cut their pensions; cut their health benefits. Everyone knows they don't do anything and are overpaid. If you have any doubts, just ask the Republicans in Congress. Power to the oil companies!
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  • You are most welcome
    Radar Tech
    It is an honor to serve the United States of America. As a veteran that is now working for the FAA on this Memorial Day, despite all the pay freezes and FERS back door pay cuts and Fed bashing...you are welcome. By the way, it was a good thing I was here. One of our radar channels went down and I had to restore it. It is what we do. I wish that more Americans understood that we are not their enemy...we are them...we are all of us citizens. We pay taxes and suffer the bureaucracy just like everyone else. We pay into Social Security and Medicare, just like they do. We serve them. We serve the nation. It is awfully nice to hear a sincere thank you once in a while. Shoot...that will probably take me through to Christmas. So, you are most welcome. It is an honor to serve.
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