6:17 pm, May 28, 2015

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  • So, let me understand this
    We can afford more weapons, but Medicare should end and a tiny voucher with a tiny sum provided in its place – anything else would be what? Socialism? We can afford more wars, but food for our poorest of children we cannot afford because that would be what? Socialism? We can afford Lockheed or GD or Northup to continue expansion, but layoff state workers, who fix my roads, pick up my trash, enforce my laws, and save my life is to expensive that would impinge on my what? Freedoms?
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  • Glad to help you understand
    While defense needs to be part of any budget cutting drill, the last time I checked the Constitution of the United States, I could not find any mention of Medicare, or feeding children, as federal responsibilities. I can find the Military and defense a number of time as a federal responsibility. And if state workers are being laid off, isn't that a state responsibility, not a federal one? States can raise taxes to keep those people working, its not a federal responsibility. Hope that helps you understand a little more.
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  • Update to an old classic
    During a famine in France, the queen was told that her people were suffering from widespread bread shortages. She purportedly replied "let them eat cake." We'll simply update that to "let them eat tanks."
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  • Days of the Empire Are Over
    We have more troops and bases protecting the rest of the world than we have here, and our borders have more holes than swiss cheese. Close them up and bring them home.
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  • Sequestration Strategy
    Lets hope OSD and Component Controllers have a stealth plan on how to take these cuts because what if they come? We might think they are stupid but that doesn't mean they won't happen. Lack of preparation will mean chaos especially if we have not thought through how to take them.
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