4:21 am, May 29, 2015

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  • FED: Wake Me When The Nightmare Is Over? or !
    Celtic Wolf
    Unions and associations provide a federal employee the opportunity to increase the "payload" of their voiced concern relating to a propsed bill back to Congress. That said our Federal Employee demographic base is so small compared to the rest of the American public. Going to sleep will only ensure you will wake up dead this time around. It is a nightmare because we were asleep when it started to happen and now have little control over how the bad dream is unfolding. Federal employees, all of us active and retired, need to start or continue to communicate our value to America. We need to show how cheap it is to use Federal Employees to secure airports, to ensure food is safe, to effectively collect revenue, and to maintain America's infrastructure. We need to educate the average American about the costs of Contractors, or not having a task done, compared to our costs to them. We also need to tell them that not all their taxes goes to pay our salaries. We also need to let them know that the average Federal Employee is well educated, long serving, and also pays taxes, also has a family, and most of all is also an America. God Bless Federal Employees, and as we near Memorial Day, God Bless all those that went before us. As for Sleeping through this - No Way!
    Celtic Wolf
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  • Take your vitamins
    CW: I'm sorry to hear about your health problems, you have been a major asset to the Causey board here. For those that are upset over the bad news, don't blame Mike, he's just giving us the straight dope that no one else will. He has always been encouraging to Feds when stating that most of the bad stuff, really bad stuff, never happened. But those that only blame one side need to buy a clue. When my FSA gets cut in have next year, that will be a $1200 tax increase on top of the 2% FICA increase, and my family makes less than half of the promised $250K threshhold, so would that be a "read my lips moment?"
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  • Thank the Republicans
    Thanmk the Republicans for not participating in the bill that became law for the reduction in FSA. Perhaps, if they participated, the law could have been better
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  • Why do we give billions to countries in the Mid-East
    deployed decoy
    Kevin in St. Louis, We don’t give Billions, it is more like Trillions. In two cases (Saudi and Kuwait) to countries that sure don’t need our help while we are also arming them to the teeth at the same time (in theory NOT to hit Bahrain again). Actually both are formally US State Dept Tier 3 Trafficking In Persons (TIP) countries and as such it is a US federal law violation for the USA to have any business with them (except emergency humanitarian aid). I tried to get arrested last month by US INS when I landed in the USA and told the officer I was turning myself in for violating said law based in Kuwait. Apparently the sitting President signs a annual waiver for Kuwait and Saudi, in effect supporting modern day slavery in exchange for oil. But I degrees. Apparently INS has no record of said annual Memo on Kuwait. Try as I might, I could not get arrested however. The bigger problem is America in general. Most would forget Chicago took a direct hit 6 months later as long as they did not live next to the crater. Others, grip as they do, are not in the mood for $10 gas (without added tax, just the raw costs to squeeze out of oil shale of WY) through banning oil from slave states. Then we have the small problem of 99.9% of every USA incorporated business selling everything from cars to coffee to tools to informal dining with franchise stores in these countries employing, yep slave labor. So look at Applebees, Starbucks or Ford and ask them when they are going to stop supporting slavery and unrest in the ME. I do recommend you cash out any bonds or stocks you own first. At least then only the paper dollar goes down like a shipwreck. Just making these companies pay federal income tax would be a start, since neither country taxes earnings…
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  • Ancient King
    Who was that ancient king who paid more for accurate bad news? Although I can't find this mentioned in Herodotus, the Persian kings reputedly had the bearer of bad news beheaded
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  • Recalculate - Private industry is looking good to work for.
    The USA Today article published last year about feds making much more than private industry I believe was distorted. Even so, if all the cuts (pay freezes, health premium % increases, a much larger% of pay taken out of paychecks for pension, a 1% cap for bonuses, etc.) takes place, it is time to recalculate and honestly ask ourselves if it is still worth working for the Fed. Gov't. There is no common sense for Congress to be ripping feds who put their hearts into excellent quality work and then be punished for doing good. It does not work. I've seen quite a number of young feds leave for private industry and this was long before potential fed cuts were ever rumored. They want to be rewarded and move up, not frozen in pay. they have a long career ahead of them. I can understand them wanting to leave. Now for those of us who have been around for awhile with unique experience, private industry would love to have us as their employees. So, what I could see potentially happen is a massive bailout of feds to private industry with a whole slew of vacant positions in the fed sector. Fine with me. If Congress wants to shaft us, may they fall on their own swords.
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  • My approach
    Big Joe
    I used to work 10-12 hours a day and get paid for 8.....work while on vacation.....be on call nights and weekends..... No more! I actually started my own small business to help make ends meet. Its slowly bringing in money which I hope in a year will more than offset what Congress is cutting. While not the best answer, I'm now delivering exactly what I am paid to do and the free ride is over. Why give my free time to an organization that doesn't appreciate it, doesn't value it, and wants to take more? Now all my time goes towards work I'm excited about!
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