6:33 pm, May 22, 2015

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  • Need opt-out
    The problem is, history has shown that neither companies nor governments can be trusted to honor defined-benefit retirement plans. So I'd much rather opt-out of FERS, than to pay more money into a system that's unlikely to pay me back when it's time.
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  • Opt-Out? How about a matching system ala FERS TSP?
    If the proposal must pass, how about making it similar to the FERS TSP (not just an opt-out). The government will match whatever the employee puts in up to 6 percent (I believe the government provides upto a 5 percent match for the TSP). I cannot afford the 6 percent at this time (not too mention that I never plan on retiring - will never be able to affford it), but hopefully, down the road, I may be able to.
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  • Opt-out indeed
    Just me
    Zoopy has the right of it. Increased financial contributions SHOULD mean increased choice. If given a choice I would opt to put my money (including my TSP) somewhere the government can not steal it at will.
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  • Dumb Folks in the WH
    Fear is a mind killer, I will face my fear and let it pass through me It is high time that Fed Employees has a voice inference to congress--. Other than that, all this stuff that congress is talking about doing will NEVER EVER fix the situation that Bush I, Bush II (definitely) and Obama (an add on to GWB) has created. Even if they could get away with all the cutting this and that from the Federal Employees it will not SOLVE the deficit issues. What they are doing is trying fix one MAJOR issue by creating an even MAJOR.PROBLEM for > the middle class, the country and this unstable economy in which the US is not out of yet in spite of all the false rhetoric that congress like to put out on the news. These problems will be here even when Obama is out and a lot of other Presidents’ that come after him. The facts here are that congress is fighting a NO WIN situation and nothing they do will EVER SOLVE these issues—Americans need to WAKE UP and pull their heads out of their 4 corner contact and start praying that God remove these DEVILS and restore a blessing of good people to office and equality back into the country
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  • 6% of the Federal Budget
    Lets be perfectly clear here. Federal employee compensation PLUS benefits are less than 6% of the ENTIRE federal budget. These clowns in congress, and yes I'll say it, now the WHITE HOUSE have no flipping clue. They're doing nothing less than grandstanding for the media and prolonging the real problems in entitlement programs, NAFTA/WTO, corporate tax evaders, keeping the bush tax cuts, and the piss poor job we've done getting our kids to keep up with the rest of the world which is ultimately an input into innovation and production. How stupid could someone be to give multibillion dollar tax breaks to rich people with a proven pattern of send jobs to China, while I come in to work and dutifully and patriotically protect our information FROM entities such as this, and have to take a pay cut in the process. absurd to the limit.
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  • Opt Out
    100% agree with the opt out. When you start talking about 6% of my pay that I may or may not see again, I'm not comfortable with giving that up. One question: Is FERS like a Ponzi scheme where contributions now go to fund current retirees? If that's the case, I don't see them offering an opt-out. If to many people opt-out the Ponzi scheme will crumble...
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