6:29 am, May 27, 2015

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  • DC pay area
    JR Samples
    The DC pay area needs to be made smaller. It should not include Baltimore or parts of West Virginia where the cost of living is less.
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  • Not so fast!!!!!!!!!!
    The area around DC is so compact a person can live in 4 states easily and work in DC, Balitmore, or West Virginia. Using your logic all of the DC employees have the oppurtunity to live in West Virginia and commute so DC could be lowered in locality pay also. That doesn't sound so nice now does it. Maybe West Virginia employees live in Maryland( a high tax state) or even closer to the DC area. or Penn. or Virginia. As a matter of fact alot of them do live in other states while working in West Virginia. So do not try to paint with a broad brush!!!
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