11:09 pm, May 22, 2015

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    deployed decoy
    A few observations on contracting out. 1) CACI all but runs the Contracting office in Kuwait. A couple years ago when the official email was down one such CACI employee released a formal RFP using her private web based email. A violation of DOD policy. When the retired LTC (O5) GS11 (excuse me GS11) called her by her formal email name ‘nilegoddess’, that CACI employee filed a formal EEOC complaint and the retired former BN Commander resigned federal service rather than be fired under EEOC. 2) Most contracts in the Middle East low ball the ‘cost’ contract bid, only to then claim $50M in such basic (cost) work as HAZMAT disposal they ‘forgot to bid’. These same prime venders fail to pay any retirement to the US contractors, who all make more than a GS12 – most of it federal tax free. Then than sub out to Kuwait owned businesses that put money (about 8%) directly in the pockets of people that by US Federal law the USA is NOT allowed to conduct business with (the sitting President signs a formal exception to policy to this law in TIP every year). The bottom line is very sensitive if not classified ‘discoveries’ are made by some guy from Pakistan making $250 and month… Anyone see a security risk here. 3) The USDA and USDI HAVE completed A76 studies correctly many times in the past. Although the agencies got leaner, all the work remained US Govt. 4) DOD in the meantime has contracted out everything from cleaning the bathrooms to base security to security of the POTUS when he stops by. Anyone see a security problem here. Most contracts here do NOT pay any retirement. I foresee the day all of these contractors need social security and welfare as well as ‘save the contractors that won the war’ incentives paid at much higher rates that us feds pay for when our retirement goes to the full 11% (if we get retirement at all in the future). I could go on and on. Just one more item to relate. In Germany in 2007 a General Officer and major US based US Govt mission was involved with international income tax fraud. They replaced the GS13 federal contract officer representative with, yep a 3rd party contractor (violation of the FAR). Then snuck this guy into Germany at least twice through France to avoid German immigration and thus avoid paying German federal income tax. Anyone that wants to solve this problem is going to have to take on the money that gets congress elected. Impossible to do. Nice try, but it is hopeless.
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