1:02 pm, May 23, 2015

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  • Green Buildings
    The Post Office had about 50 large processing buildings built in 1990-91-92 that were supposed to be high effiency and green. Building mantenance was given a basic 8 hour course on care and adjustment of the system,wich was promptly forgotten.There was a 1 year guarantee on the system so a team of 4 electronic engineers sat at the control computer till the contract was over. All three buildings I was associated with had total system failures within 3 years, so we had to run around and manually adjust dampers heaters and cooling coils every day. Last year an addition was put on our building with more direct digital controls,three different contractors all pointing fingers at the other guy when the system wouldent work. A facility as large as this will need a a graduate engineer who specialises in backnet software to keep it from raining in this building on a cool humid day. Good Luck Keeping this place comfortable.YOUL NEED IT!
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