4:45 pm, May 22, 2015

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  • BRAC Side Effects-Unintended Consequences
    Gee, I was thinking on my drive into work that these nice large wide or tall buildings make easy targets, and if filled with key systems and personel are a liability for the DOD if sucessfully impacted by an enemy missle, or errant passenger aircraft. Are the whiz kids in the think tanks so sure another 9-11 wont happen again ? To minimize the effects of an attack, I thought it was prudent to distribute your resourses far from each other, so that your whole operation cant be taken out by one shot. The BRAC has consolidated many distributed functions /divisions of DOD into a few huge complexes that if a few were destroyed it could have devastating consequences for our ability to respond with effectively. Please convince me I am wrong in my concerns.
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  • Real Green Solutions that work - forget about the electric car
    Jaquebaur you need to go build a bunker and live in it for the rest of your life if you are so concerned. Stop being such a nanny. With your line of thinking we should all be scared for our lives every day. I for one think this is great. As a Structural Engineer, I commend the design and construction of such a larger beautiful structure while making energy efficient enough that it costs the same to maintain as a much smaller facility. This is what going green should be about, not forcing people to buy electric cars that are a waste of money and doesn't solve our energy problems because ultimately electricity is produced by burning coal and oil. This is a common sense solution to reducing the cost of running government. Ideas like collecting rain water for running toilets or placing energy efficient windows in the right location to reduce the need for artifical lighting doesn't cost more than typical construction. kudos!!
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  • Government effeciency
    First of all the last entity to talk about having common sense is anything the federal government does. And not costing more than typical constuction is another joke. The cost of construction is probably tremendous, not to mention the cost over runs. I would like to see the costs implementing the construction of collecting rain water or the cost effecient windows or toilets, toilets that require that you flush two to three times more to handle the waste, so they don't clog. Probably will be using CFL bulbs which require a hazmat team fo clean up if one breaks. Another common sense approach by the Feds. Bigger is not necessarily better. But that is the way people who runthe government think, especially when spending other people's money.
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  • Big Govt Building
    George Rivet
    Now we wait to see which sitting politician gets his name on this monstrosity. Oh by the way why is there a space big enough to put the statue of liberty in. Seems a waste to have to cool and heat all this empty space.
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  • cost?
    How much did the LEED extras cost, and will we the energy savings recoup that money? I can't believe the article didn't mention that at all- that's the one thing I'd like to know.
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  • New buildings
    In today's current economy, it seems foolish to be spending more $$$$$$$ than we have to , and don't have $$$ to spend....Cut spending, Cut spending, Cut spending until we are on a more stable basis.... How often do we have to say , "use COMMON SENSE? ? If I don't have the $$ for something, I don't buy it....I wait til I do...We should expect at least that much fiscal responsibility from the Fed Gov't
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  • This bldg is a huge white elephant
    Jaque- You came to the same conclusion that any rational person would come to: This bldg isn't safe, and is huge waste of taxpayer money. History will look back on this bldg with scorn, and will recognize it for what it is...a gigantic waste of money and a tribute to the big govt era that we are in. Hopefully we will be able to laugh about it (akin to Jimma Carter and his sweaters), but I am not sure it will be funny. HUGE white elephant...period
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