3:25 am, May 23, 2015

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  • Get the real story
    For these upcoming BRAC moves, I highly recommend that either the Washington Post or better yet, WTOP, imbed one of their reporters with an organization moving into one of these wonderfully green buildings. Try the Mark Center on for size. What better way to see the action at the ground level. Come on WTOP, join in on the fun. You'll see, first hand, the kind of chaos that only the federal government can create. To get the full effect, plan to spend the day...most of which will be spent trying to get to the new building. Do I hear Pulitzer price??
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  • LEEDS buildings
    So how many buildings were torn down and how many new buildings erected? This is shameful that this amount of money would be spent to glorify our government. Did we use illegals in these projects like so many others? Did we use all American materials and contractors and workers? I bet not! $$$$$$$ flushed down the drain!
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  • LEEDS Certification
    Those of you who are familiar with the LEEDS standards know what a complete boondoggle this whole certification process is. We built a LEEDS Gold building to placate the community and city fathers for our corporate HQ. What a joke. What a waste of money. The codes have very little to do with anything other than what is politically correct. From the original construction of shell and core through to cleaning the floors and painting the walls - a complete joke. And all the workers and contractors and maintenance people know it. Our building was relatively small ($100 million) - I can only imagine the waste involved with that. The easiest way to tell if something is "green"? Check out the price. Gosh, what a concept. The price of something reflects the resources used to make it! Who woulda thought?
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  • BRAC side effect: Greener buildings
    This is all great stuff. Which buildings will be eliminated since we have this new marvelous structure? Or is this for the new federal employees that we are adding at twice the pay rate of the non-federal government employees?
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  • Federal Buildings
    Another "must have" big federal building ("green" or not)? I seem to remember a little ditty about someone fiddling while something burned!
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