11:43 pm, May 25, 2015

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  • Saving $5B here, $10B there,
    Hey, please don't diminish saving $5B in duplicative programs. $5B here, 10B there, you are soon talking real money. However, there is much greater opportunity to save some $40Billion per year if Congress can see through IT Reform efforts that OMB has helped spear head. One of the biggest challenges, as reconfirmed by OSD DCMO Beth McGrath is Cultural Resistance to Change. Unless folks are measured and rewarded for outcomes, why would they care, its not their money. The other biggest impediment, though not spoken about, are the many rice bowls and special interests that feed on the billions of waste and inefficiency. The very companies and FFRDCs who manage 90% of all IT programs are also be asked to fix the problem. This is in perfect alignment with Einstein's observation on change "you cannot solve todays problems with the same thinking that got you there". OMB got it right by hiring a non-traditional contractor to help with their 25 point plan. So why is DoD turning to the very same contractors to fix DoD's IT Acquisition Process who helped create (and benefit from) this mess. The answer is the ease in contracting with an incumbent or FFRDC. This is the same pattern of failure that has prevent 20 years of attempted change. The IT-AAC leadership was warned that in spite of all the hype, that no real change would actually occur. That we were tilting at windmills. I wanted to believe differently, but history is clearly repeating itself. Too bad OMB does not have greater sway with DOD. The DCMO could use OMB's dynamic duo; Kundra and Zients, who are two of the sharpest minds inside government.
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