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  • PIDB Seeks Input
    PIDB Staff
    We are at a decision point in our history and solicit your guidance. The Public Interest Declassification Board (PIDB) seeks your suggestions for changing our classification system via our blog Transforming Classification (http://blogs.archives.gov/transformingclassification/). We strongly encourage you to weigh in and help us improve our national security classification / declassification system. The PIDB would like to invite you to post your comments on any of the eight draft white papers describing an element of our proposed transformation. White papers address the following topics: •Using Technology to Improve Classification and Declassification •Reconsidering Information Management in the Electronic Environment •Regularizing the Declassification Review of Classified Congressional Records •Discretionary Declassification and Release of Contemporary National Security Information •Simplifying the Declassification Review Process for Historical Records •Stewardship of Our Classified History •Information Security and Access in the Electronic Environment •A Half-Life for Historical Formerly Restricted Data (FRD) The board's eight papers outline proposals intended to improve public access to formerly classified information and to better manage the transition from paper-based to electronic records. In addition, the board invited public submissions of recommendations, which the board has organized into categories and posted for comment. We encourage you to post your comments on these white papers under their respective threads and comment on the posts of others. Your thoughts and suggestions on these topics will be of great assistance to us as we finalize our proposals to the President. Visit http://blogs.archives.gov/transformingclassification/. Should you wish to comment and remain anonymous, please email your comments directly to the PIDB staff at pidb@nara.gov, along with your preference to remain anonymous and we will post to the blog on your behalf. Additionally, be sure to mark your calendar for Thursday, May 26, 2011, when the Board will host a public meeting on these and prior topics. For more information, contact the Public Interest Declassification Board staff at 202-357-5250 or pidb@nara.gov.
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