11:34 am, May 25, 2015

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  • immigration and border
    Why is it not reported that Obama lied about the fence being complete when only 5% is complete and they stop building it. The American people are behing AZ and their right to protect their borders and the Feds are doing nothing to stop the violence that is occuring there. He is pushing immigration reform only becuase he needs more votes. He should be concentrating on securing our borders and job growth for Americans. Once again he prefers illegals and those outside of the American people over the US citizens!
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  • Dream Act
    Does Obama really think that the latino community will buy that the Republicans are at faud for not pasing the dream act? Some will but others will realize that he could have pass this when he had control of the House and the Senate but he was too concern with ramming Obamacare down our thorats! He didn't care about the Dream Act then and doesn't now he is just looking at votes!
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