6:46 am, May 23, 2015

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  • federal pension guarantees
    It would be nice to have a real answer to the question of whether or not the federal government is legally obliged to honor its pension commitments. Is it free to "freeze" pensions where they are at any point in time, ignoring increases in the CPI, much as is being done with the salaries of current federal employees. Or have annuitants vested in their rights to a pension according to the original terms and conditions, so that if the federal government has the money, it must pay its pensioners, both military and civilian, CSRS and FERS, the same as it must pay its bond holders? Enron and other private companies that have failed, and therefore been unable to pay their pension obligations are an irrelevance here; we are talking about the federal government, not private companies, the former a very different beast from the latter.
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  • Coming Soon: The Mother of All Gridlock
    Celtic Wolf
    It is my understanding that Congress can reverse any law or regulation. That is part of the repealing process. There are also plenty of laws on the books that contradict themselve. For example, pay parity and salary capps for GS15 Step 10s and others who make as much as the low SES levels. The federal retirement fund may have problems as well - the investment aspects of it. So if the question is what can the federal government do to impact the current or future federal retiree -- they can do anything they want and call it a good thing. That is you can retire now and 30 years from now at the age of 85 have all your annuities stripped from you and end up homeless. An example, all those Indians in Alaska who worked for the Army during WW II who thought they were safe, pension-wise, and lost it all. Albiet a bit different than us, yet still an example of how the federal government did, does and will always think of us -- spawned pawns and thorns in their sides.
    Celtic Wolf
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  • BRAC closing
    As a federal employee in the far West, I am not really concerned with the traffic in the silly, DC area. It makes better sense to me to decentralize the location of support services in case of another attack or emergency, not concentrate them more. We have a number of military complexes around the country that could be better utilized to solve social issuse, if that is the focus of Congress. Just send them all to an unused military base and have them do their jobs from there! Maybe then they could put in a 40 hour work week - like the rest of us!
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  • Not enough time to plan
    Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell (R) must think the citzens of this state are morons. BRAC started in 2005 - that's six years. How much time does it take to plan? We all knew this was coming, but the Virginia legislature kept dragging its feet, primarily the republican members who refused to cooperate, even when we asked to be able to tax ourselves to alleviate our pending traffic woes. Shame on Virginia's government. It's time to split from Richmond and keep our tax monies in northern Virginia.
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