11:52 pm, May 23, 2015

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  • TRICARE Rate Hike
    The fact that too many in Congress seem to forget, or just ignore, is that, all the time the services were trying to retain personnel, they kept breaking out the "Health Care for Life" card but now we have to foot the bill. To add insult to injury, we can't pay for TRICARE with pre-tax dollars or employer provided funds like everyone else and employers can't even offer us "subsidized" TRICARE Supplement plans.
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  • Raise Tricare NOW
    deployed decoy
    OK for the few living under a bridge, make some exception. But for those that are GS12, 13 or 15s now (I know several). Stop Tricare 100% while they are gainfully employed. That means either in the Govt or in private industry and have Obama Care to fall back on. One or the other pay as you go. One guy I know is a GS12 with 4 kids is saving around $10,000 a year not using the gold standard FEHB system since he got Tricare for life. Course he never sees a private doctor because he got 40% service disabeled for scars, hearing loss and hemmorids. The military is WAY over paid. Yep a few get shot at, most dont. Heck I hear the Air Force grip about 4 month deployments, in many cases staying on full MI&E in some local hotel. So unless those feds with guns at Yellowstone or fighting fires as well as every fed that has spent more than 6 months in a war zone get Tricare for life. End this maddness.
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