3:34 pm, May 22, 2015

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  • DoD's New Path for IT Acquisition
    Now that many of the cultural impediments have been overcome through the CMO/Mitre led working groups, one step that appears to be missing is market research. As the NDAA Section 804 directive calls for an "Open Process". this suggests that the DSB has already determined that alternative IT Acquisition processes exist but have not seen the light of day due to policy mandates to only use the DoD5000, JCIDS and DODAF,... all weapon systems processes. DOD could avoid much risk and expense of creating a new process out of whole cloth by first surveying the market for existing processes. Clearly, there have been significant investments by other communities of practice that have innovated already in this space. With SEI joining the CMO team, you have a the potential for a disinterested party that can conduct the research into alternative processes as they have no vested interests. The IT Acquisition Advisory Council has completed this research as well, and can attest that solutions to Section 804 already exists, and welcomes the opportunity to share the results of our 28 month investigation
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