6:18 pm, May 24, 2015

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  • Obama commends the federal workforce...
    Yet, he terminates cost of living pay raises. Sounds just a tad hypocritical to me. But then, thats him.
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  • Comments by John Berry
    John Berry saying that there are less federal employees than during the Johnson administration is a smoke screen. He may be technically correct, but from a budget perspective, I suspect it is far from accurate. When I started in federal government 30 years ago, the number of federal contractors was very small compared to today. In my agency, you now see just as many contractors in the halls today as there are feds. In addition, the government is usually paying the contractors much more than the federal employee to do a similar job, at least in my experience. What does that do for morale? While federal workers may not consider the contractors to be gov't employees, the public certainly does and both are an expense for the government. Also, the grade scales for feds was much lower in the past. In my agency 30 years ago, it was very uncommon to see GS12+ employees - that is no longer the case. Some of this may be due to the aging workforce working their way through the grades, but there is no doubt the average grade of a gov't employee is higher than it used to be. Want to show an accurate picture, John? Show the average grade of a gov't employee during the Johnson era and give us a count of feds + fed contractors. I won't hold my breath - it is easier for government officials to distort the truth! I have always been amazed by the dedication of the majority of the federal employees I have met and I am not taking away from what we do, often under difficult circumstances. But it irks me when people like John Berry take isolated facts to make a point and do not look at the whole story. As far as Obama freezing fed salaries, I, for one, am OK with that. I would rather have a job with a freeze in pay (or even pay reduction) than be without a job like many of my neighbors. Budget cuts are necessary to get our fiscal house in order. Freezing fed salaries may be a drop in the bucket, but it is a drop. Part of the reason we cannot get the budget under control is that everyone wants the gov't to get their fiscal house in order, but no one is willing to sacrifice to make it happen. I take that back - they are willing to cut funding to anything that does not impact them personally! If it was up to me, we would just make across the board cuts. It is not the fair way to do it, but I have no hope that Congress can ever get past the political rhetoric and the special interest groups.
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  • "but empower them to do a better job and empower continuous improvement."
    Yeah right. I'll believe that when the labs at NIH are human sized. Lack of workspace in NIH lab is the rate limiting step in cancer research. For 36 years there, I was blocked literally every step of the way, and I mean LITERALLY and I mean EVERY step. Try to turn your body around in an NIH lab without physically bumping onto another researcher. Go ahead, try it. Try to do delicate experiment on a tiny section of bench that must be cleared of stored materials to make work space. The incompetent cadre of administrators at NIH never even think about this outrage. Arrogant idiots. Thanks a lot for the morale boost. I was there for a third of a century, published 80 papers, and I know what I am talking about.
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