5:03 am, May 22, 2015

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  • Feds owing money could see pay garnished
    I think it is a good idea. It is not fair that the rest of us pay our taxes or other Gov debt on time and you got people working for the Gov who are not paying taxes on time or any other Gov debt. It is really irritating to hear an IRS worker stating it took a long time in that midnight line. IRS employees should not be in any midnight lines trying to get their taxes in before the deadline. If they can work taxpayers taxes then I would think they can do their own or go online and get a tax tool. I was under the impression anyway that one cannot work for the Gov oweing Gov funds, especially taxes. How can anyone who works for the IRS tell a taxpayer that they need to pay their taxes when the employee cannot get their own done on time and if owe > paid?--- There is no point in someone trying to comeback with excuses, the only excuses I can see is if your dead or in jail. Other than that these, employees who owe should be fired or get their paycheck garnished. ---NO MORE letting these employees beat around the bush.
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  • IRS FEDS and the Federal Accountibility Law
    IRS employees are the only agency of the federal government that already requires its employees from tax commissioner to the GS-4 clerk to pay their taxes on time in the correct manner or be removed from service immediately. They do not need garnishment. I just cannot understand why the knotheads on the hill do not understand this and want to grind FEDS into the dirt.
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  • Good
    As long as there is due process. Entrusting a collections agency or other private firm and washing our hands of it is the wrong answer.
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