3:02 pm, May 29, 2015

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  • B-S! This is exactly the same tactic used when they scored near the bottom of the employee survey
    in the previous two years! This is NOTHING more than lip service. Until and unless this agency rids itself of it's self-serving dictators, this agency WILL NOT change one bit. This is an inbred orgnanization where only those who think alike can be promoted. Are you telling us that the SBA is now going to replace all GS-15's and above? Highly unlikely and they will not change this bevahioral pattern at all. Any outsider hired as a GS-15 in the last three years have left because of the illegal and immoral practices by these ignorant and complacent morons. I hope Congress holds their feet to the fire this time. But I doubt it. As for those people filing suit....well, everyone has a price for this to go away. And it will go away. And as far as the SBA IG? Well, move over honey, thats a big bed they're in. The IG conducts SBA business for the SBA leaving no one to "check their work". What a place. I say disband it altogether and rebirth it under Dept of Comemrce.
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  • Reforming SBA
    SBA employees are there to serve there political masters. It has been that way for decades. Whether it is pushing more money out the door in an election year, or twisting the disaster rules to make it appear that it is an efficient organization when the only purpose is to put out misleading statistics, taking bribes to put out the next 8a contract or just doing whatever the political asks or demands the entire headquarters is corrupt as well as many of the leaders in the field, those that get in the way will be swept aside. The Administrator's message is just like those that have been put out by other Administrators in the past who have corruption revealed. It has nothing to do with them, it only starts there.
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  • That is true....
    However, you cannot reform an agency that feels they are doing no wrong. When wrong becomes the norm, it becomes very hard to see yourself doing wrong. This entire organization needs rebuilding from the top down.....EVERY SINGLE SES to GS-15. ALL OF THEM! The SBA, by the way, seems to be wrapped up in their "disaster" program. In fact, the SBA does NOTHING to respond to disasters. It does however, conduct recovery operations to a very small degree. Although important, recovery is the last phase of any disaster and even then, they don't do much. They just love to brag about how they are so important during a disaster. Its funny, they even think of themselves as first responders..... They even want special first responder badges..just ask them about their little red stripe on their ID card....it almost sad.
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