5:50 pm, May 24, 2015

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  • Here come the group of elites!
    Twenty-seven Republican Senators question an executive order (EO). Guess how many EOs they questioned when Bush reigned? Report your contributions and sit down!
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  • First Amendment Right
    Still do not understand how the Supreme Court can justify an entity such as a corporation can claim it's First Amendment rights are being violated. Now I can see if the CEO gave a contribution they have right not to disclose but not a company. The reason why the Republicans are questioning it is because they are affraid their campaing cofers will be hurt.
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  • Vendors and employees included
    Before jumping to the conclusion that this only affects corporations I have copied this information from a review of the draft proposal: "The proposal would require vendors and their employees to report contributions that total more than $5,000 in any one given year." This is $5,000 "Total", not individually, so a small business may well be affected. Fifty employees giving $100 per year would meet this criteria. Twenty employees donating $250 per year. No thanks, Big Brother!
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