7:57 am, May 24, 2015

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  • And here it is!
    "...The retirement claim starts with the employee's agency and they build the claim, and then they transfer the information to us. We find that 30 percent of all claims have some level of inaccuracies or some level of incompleteness so OPM is working with agencies to help them understand where there are inaccuracies or incompleteness." And not a single person is held responsible. Most agency HR have reduced personnel and believe me, retirement process IS not high on their priorities. Until there is more oversight and accountability on each of the agencies and their de-facto HR personnel, we'll go in circles... I realize this guy has only been on-board since Oct 2010, but he should have learned by now that like ALL the inefficiancy problems throughout the federal govt, the buck stops at management... workers do their jobs, but management (civilian and military) go unaccounted for their decisions. They know no one is punished or no one gets reprimanded... heck, in the DoD world, many of them get promoted!
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  • Retirement System Failure
    William Zielinski figures do not match my experience at all. I retired on May 1, 2010. My interim payment is 45-50% of my entitlement based on the Federal Payment Estimator. In a form letter I happened to get today from OPM Retirement Branch Customer Services Group, it said “Interim payments represent 60 to 80% of your monthly annuity.” Neither number is the 90% he cited. My account is still not settled 362 days after retirement, a far cry from the 117 day average he cited. In the two calls in which I managed to get someone on the phone, I was told that OPM didn’t get my pay records until 90 days after I retired. Even if the agency is closing out records in the manner prescribed by OPM, OPM doesn’t count that as part of their processing time. By their count, I have only waited 265 days, or only more than double the average he gave. However, I am still waiting for resolution. He did not mention that the assistance process is built up with e-mail boxes, telephone voice mail boxes, and junior clerks answering requests with canned messages. I have never been able to contact anybody with any authority who could even estimate when my claim might be settled or tell me if there is any specific problem that effects my situation. As a retiree who must rely on OPM, I don’t see an improving system. I see one electronically insulated from those it is supposed to serve and a senior manager believing bad numbers.
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  • Retirement Estimate
    Rock Island fed
    The Army Benefits Center (ABC) provides detailed retirement estimates when requested. Why can't OPM use those figures for the annuity until they figure it out for themselves? Oh, never mind. That makes too much sense. https://www.abc.army.mil/retirements/PhoneEstimate.htm
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  • Totally Incorrect and Not Factual
    Mr. Zielinski's statements are so far off it's not even funny... saying that a majority of claims are processed within 117 days IS NOT EVEN CLOSE to being accurate, nor are his statements that the delayed claims are incomplete in some way. The retirement case file my agency sent to OPM was not inaccurate or incomplete in any way and it was still delayed for an unacceptable amount of time. In fact, the OPM rep that finalized my claim said my claim was "fairly straightforward" and it literally took only one day to finalize once they opened the file, after it sat on someone's desk at OPM for nearly a year!! Yes, a year. I retired on 3/27/2010 and OPM did not finalize my claim until February 2011 -- 11 full months after I retired. And I must note that the only reason my claim was finalized even at that point was because I finally reached an actual person at OPM in February that I could hold accountable, and I basically screamed about it (after months of unreturned phone calls and messages and undeterred diligence to obtain a workable number that was actually answered by someone). Once I got that person on the phone, I was told that my file "had not even been opened." So, they didn't even know if it contained errors and that's NOT why it sat in a huge pile of case files for nearly a year. So, Mr. Zielinski, don't try to give that excuse for grossly delayed claims processing. My file was so straightforward that they got it totally processed and approved within one day after my irate call. I'm sorry, but this type of total incompetence by OPM on issues affecting the very lives of people who gave 20-30 years to government service is nothing less than a crime. And if this is the government that is going to run our health care program... we are in trouble. I finally got my first full annuity payment in March 2011, one full year after I retired, so heads up if you are retiring... be prepared to live on your 80% partial annuity for awhile.
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  • opm flling holes left by retrement system failure
    Thanks for your article regarding the retirement system. I now understand what has happen with me. I retired in January of this year after over 36 years of federal service. I'm currently receiving about 20% of my an retirement. After calling OPM, I was informed that I will receive my full retirement on the first of July and will receive retro pay from January thru May. Because of the delay, I had no other choice but to file for bankruptcy. Medical problems wiped out most of my savings and I had to get a job just to stay afloat. I had no idea this would happen. Thanks for the article again. Whenever, I heard anything about federal workers being lazy and overpaid. It makes me mad. Thirty six years of fderal service and with a high three of 51,000, plus reduced social security from 650.00 to 225.00.
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