5:06 pm, May 30, 2015

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  • Congressman Ross ... Catching Flies with Vinegar
    Congressman Ross' words speak for themselves. This is a public servant making points with a special interest and an angry constituentcy. Unfortunately, he is doing it by dragging federal employees through the mud. I and saddened and sickened to read his commentary. He knows full well the small percentage of the federal budget spent on federal salaries and benefits. I am all for finding effeciencies and reducing costs, but not at the price of taking food, education, and opportunity away from my and other federal workers childrren. He and every other Congressional that supports him is literally assuring every federal employee will have a lowered statndard of living for the next 3-5 years. More money was spent saving GM and the banks than will ever be saved by destorying the morale, recruitment, standard of living, retirement and retention of the federal government for years to come. Making it sound like federal employees work through some set of unions to get this so called great deal is as hollow as a campaign attack ad. I salute his willingness and forthrightness to state his positions. I hope enough voters are willing and forthright enough to make their feelings about Congressman Ross and others like him known in the voting booth in November 2012, and even in the preceding primaries.
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  • Probationary period
    I agree with Ross on this one. One year is not enough time to give a reliable evaluation of a brand new employee. I have seen many new hires over my 34 years with the government who were on "their best behavior" for that first year - and went steadily downhill after that, not only workwise, but attitude. Unfortunately, even tranferred employees will do this. It is much harder to fire them because of their length of service.
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  • Baloney!
    You prolly also agree with all the other GOP efforts to squash the middle man and make the wealthy wealthier, as most of these GOP and T-baggers (Bush left overs) want to do. Reduce by attrition (when that is already happening). High-5 instead of the high-3. Pay freeze for 5 years, including step increases,etc. And the list goes on. A large percentage of problems within the federal govt is NOT the workers. It is poor management and unqualified folks in supervisor or management positions. No one is addressing this. Management currently have ALL the tools to ensure a worker is doing their job and being productive. And one year is way more than enough to evaluate. BUT management MUST supply the proper tools, fairness and training. There are just as many abuses as there are non-productive workers. I'll betcha a majority of managers throughout the federal govt don't know the difference between title 5 or title 10 of the US law, let alone understand what they mean and HOW they should know them. And I'll betcha most readers are googlin them right now, cause they could care less... Another example... go to the www.osc.gov website and read what "prohibited personnel proactices" mean. I'll guarantee you that every activity, command and agency is violating them, if not one, many everyday, twice on sunday. but these clown GOP/T-baggers want to punish govt workers on anything they can, just to luster their election campaign to say I done it... it is pathetic! Vote all of them out in 2012!
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