4:03 am, May 25, 2015

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    Contrary to the article's title, OPM has not given agencies a "new way to measure time-to-hire." What's been so "given" is a new or rather revised reporting requirement as to the staffing timeliness of new hires, which was part of the End-to-End Roadmap process first begun in 2009. There is still much uncertainty in this area. For example, OPM defines the starting point for the days in process calculation process, as being the date that the hiring manager "validates the hiring need." This has occasioned much confusion in my agency (and others from what I'm hearing from HR peers elswhere) as to the intent here, due to the varying procedures used by agencies to trigger recruiting action to fill a vacancy(ies)- whether internal or external. (Some of these same peers have said that they either informally suspend the counting of processing days if they reach a point where they are held up by circumstances outside of their control or cancel the recruiting action upon encountering such a delay and require the hiring manager involved to start it over again - which resets the clock on the process back to zero.) There is also confusion regarding situations where agencies use "open continuous" announcements to solicit applications with no specific closing date in terms of the tracking process and/or where standing registers of eligibles are used well after the announcement used in generating such a register has long closed. Unfortunately, OPM has become well known for issuing confusing policy and procedural "guidance" to the HR community, and this is yet another example.
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