10:10 am, May 25, 2015

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  • COLAs
    Your article states: "How serious is the plan to limit cost of living adjustments to retirees who are 62 and older?" Answer: very". I thought the latest attack on COLAs was to those who are 62 and UNDER? Is there a typo in your article or, are feds being attacked on both sides of 62?? Either way, this is not what long time feds signed up for and were promised when they were hired.....
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  • No COLA...
    ...has always been a reality even when we did receive something because it was usually miniscule in proportion to the increases in our FEHB premiums and life expenses! As for 'either side of 62', it seems that line has blurred recently and will probably dissolve one day. Even the military is touchable and that used to be pretty sacred! The year '2012' must indeed be near upon us but rather than global calamities via the natural world, we may be seeing global calamities via the man-made world!
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  • National Debt ceiling to be hit this week
    There is so much going on everywhere it IS hard to keep up, but the debt ceiling will be hit this week or within the next 3 weeks. I read this a.m. that China is stopping exports of oil that will cause Europe to compete for oil we purchase, our prices will rise more and so will all other products. Come on! Someone has to stop this merry-go-round. Without this "perfect storm", spending will never be controlled as it buys votes and power. Times are scary in many ways, but putting heads in the sand will not fix things for anyone.
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  • Kick The Can
    The History Channel ran an hour-long distillation of America's crumbling infrastructure which, if put off for who knows how long, those kids and grand-kids that Republican/Tea Partyers feign concern for will end up paying quadruple what it would cost if we began immediately rebuilding our roads and highways, bridges, dams and levees, water storage and delivery systems, electricity grid systems, sewage systems, subways, railroads, inner cities, pollution control and whatever else you can think of that needs immediate attention. Trillions should be spent, not cut, to restore an America that our kids and grand-kids will inherit, not the Third World dystopia Republicans envision.
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  • Can you say fear mongering? You just did!
    So the billions and trillions we've just spent don't count? Didn't the Rolling Stones say something about not getting what you want but what you need?
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  • Get Your Head Out of the Sand
    You don't have a clue what you are talking about. The History Channel's presentation focused on the scandal that we have allowed our entire infrastructure to crumble while putting off repairs and replacements that are needed right now. Unfortunately, Republicans believe kicking the can down the road and leaving this travesty for the future by cutting everything will make the problems go away. Disgusting! You obviously don't care about the America that you and the rest of the Republican sheep are leaving behind for your kids and grand-kids. What hypocrites!
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  • Stop drinking the Kool aid!
    Sure, the needs are great, but the resources are many. You just don't have enough for every item on the wish list. Time to grow up. Little children grow up into spoiled big children. There's tons of money, use it wisely and it will be sufficient.
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  • Contrarian
    45 Cal
    Go get a kleenix you're dribbling Kool Aid down the front of you shirt
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  • 3 year pay freeze?
    Debra D.
    If we count 2011, and add a 3 year pay freeze from the 2012 budget, isn't that 4 years?
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  • Retirees and Medicare Premiums
    Retired from SSA
    I don't think that the statement in the article from the NY NARFE Federation president is accurate. Retired feds who are also Social Security beneficiaries are always exempt from paying increased Part premiums when there is no COLA. However, retired feds who are not also SS beneficiaries are only exempt if congress passes special legislation. I believe such legislation was passed to cover the exemption from the increase for 2010, but it was not passed to cover the 2011 increase.
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  • passed one house only
    I believe this legislation you are referring to passed the House only, and died in the Senate. As a result, anyone receiving a retitrement not from Social Security did not benefitg from this "hold harmless" provision paid the full freight. The law as currently stands, applies to and protects only Social Security recipients.
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