8:35 am, May 27, 2015

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  • TSA first round union vote
    The claim by NTEU's Ms. Kelley that the vote indicates that TSA employees want to be represented by a union is belied by the fact that of the 44,000-strong TSA workforce, far less than half actually voted for either AFGE or NTEU, while the remainder either chose not to vote at all or, in the case of over 3,000, said no to any union representation at all. The fact that AFGE and NTEU, along with all other Federal employee unions, routinely choose overwhelmingly to endorse Democratic candidates is very likely to have played a role in this disappointing - for AFGE and NTEU - vote. The increasing politicization of Federal unions is a dsiturbing phenomenon, and does not reflect the dominant conservative-leaning nature of the American electorate as a whole, including their own members. They would do well to pay heed.
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