5:58 am, May 26, 2015

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  • Moran
    Where has Moran been on this issue? How long ago was the BRAC approved? I don't remember Moran saying anything at the time. If he had concerns why didn't he raise them at that time? Why didn't he get the Democratic controlled Congress to over ride the Defense Secretary if he truly was concerned about Virginians? He is a little too late to be raising hell now. The time to do it was before the BRAC recommendations were approved. BTW what was his vote on the BRAC recommendations?
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  • A little too late
    Mr. Moran's concerns are coming a little too late. Shouldn't he have asked questions before the construction started? Instead we have this huge monstrosity looming over the residents of Alexandria and none of our elected officials cared one darn about about their constituents to question anything. I am tired of Mr. Moran and the other posers acting as though they care about the traffic impact. They should have thought of this. The neighborhoods are having to do their own planning and may I say we are getting a much resistance from our own City officials!
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  • Moran
    Alexandria Jim
    This BRAC decision is not new, where has Congressman Moran been on this issue all these years? At some point he needs to stop blaming the past administration. Funny, he has recurring habit of taking money from vested interests, voting on issues, then acting all indignant when someone calls him out. Has any reporter done a little digging to find out how much campaign contributions Jim Moran received from Clark Construction, the builders of the new complex on Seminary Road? Remember the loan he got from the credit industry as he was voting on bankruptcy laws?
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  • Where Was Moran
    This guy is a joke, there no planning the Government is trying to save money and this clown acting like it's a big suprise, due get real I think your on the Staff?
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  • REASON?? MORAN!!??
    Follow the money.
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  • and
    this has to do with Brac how?
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