12:49 am, May 29, 2015

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  • Another flaw
    Lisa Lisa
    These report cards are nice, but really, what and how are agencies able to go completely green when the govt is broke. Going green takes money. Look at all of the buildings rating-RED. Why? in case anyone didnt know..thats expensive! Going green for vehicles? Well, unless an agency uses its vehicles a lot, most will not trade up to green because then the outcry would be that agencies are buying new cars when older ones only have maybe 5000 miles on them. My agency, we use the vehicles, but for instance, we have a 1998 Econline van. It has less than 40,000 miles on it. While agewise, its old, but the vehicle as well as our others, are well maintained so why trade in just to go green when the vehicles are perfectly operating? These ideas, while wonderful in the grand scheme of eco-friendliness, cost money to get there. Solar paneling? ummm..NOT cheap! Rain retention to water lawns? Again, NOT cheap. Converting some all electric buildings to gas and setting up a program of when they get used? NOT CHEAP. Heck we did a large project several years ago to upgrade all of our lighting in the building, using sensors in the bathrooms and offices, and guess what? NOT CHEAP!
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