7:57 am, May 24, 2015

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  • How to spend DoD Windfall
    Gee, I've got an innovative idea; if we can shave $400B from the DoD budget, let's pay down our debt instead of finding another way to spend it.
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  • More BS From the Liar in Chief
    Maybe he could cut the DoD budget if he would get out of Iraq and Afghanistan and stop involving the U.S. in civil wars. How about closing some bases around the world. The empire needs to shrink.
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  • China will take over
    Time Bandit
    With them boosting their military power, thanks to the political a-holes for sending them our jobs, China will end up being the super power while the U.S. cowers in the corner in fear. I makes me sick to see where this country is going, we didn't need to go to Iraq. What we need to do concentrate more in our own country than others, while jobs are going to Mexico, India and Communist China, our citizens are loosing their jobs and their homes. Illegals are waltzing in here getting free handouts, working and not paying one dime in taxes, while citizens..also working have to pay taxes. Those political a-holes need to stop sending billions to foregin countries, it's not our responsibility to help others. Why is it when there is a catastrophe outside our country, the mighty U.S.A. is there to help out? When the U.S. has a catastrophe, no one is there to help us? We need to shut our doors to immigrants, the U.S was labeled the Melting Pot at one time. Well the melting pot is overflowing and pouring out the sides, it's got to stop.
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