4:17 am, May 26, 2015

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  • firing underachievers?
    Would this include firing Congressmen who don't get their jobs done? If that is the case, all of you would be out the door. Maybe we can get a bunch of homeless people in your place - we might actually get something accomplished since there would be no political games. I am sure you will not touch bills that benefit yourselves, like automatic pay adjustments for politicians, even though you don't work full time like the rest of the work force. It is time for you to have EXACTLY the same as the rest of the federal workforce. Work full time and EARN your salary. If you cut our benefits, then you should be held to the same cuts! And on behalf of all feds who work VERY hard with very little, how exactly are you motivating the exceptional fed to keep at it when all you do is BASH all of us?
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  • Another person without the facts and looking in the wrong place.
    First, the workers are only as good as their managers support, direction and clear communication of expectations. Let's place properly blame where it begins. It's a top down process. Start there, at the top. Second, It is clear this congressman has understand the problem. Instead of downsizing the federal government. Make it larger. Replace overpaid contractor support services with federal workers. It is time to stop hiding behind 8A procurements and stop wasting money on these jobs. Convert them to federal positions and save money. The cost of these services are buried and makes it impossible to compare.
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  • Too mad to take time to edit
    Too many typo's in last comment. Too mad to properly edit the remarks but you get it.
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  • Professional workforce
    "All I want to do is bring the kind of professionalism to various parts of the federal workforce that lets the federal workforce be regarded with as much pride as the best corporate American workforce," he said. "To do that, you have to make some careful changes, and some of it will affect job pay. But it will not affect job pay for everyone. It's going to be discriminating." Issa Dear Congressman Issa, The federal government already has a professional workforce that serves willingly and with pride and oatriotism. The American people are proud of the federal workforce that protects their food and water, manages their national highways and parks, keeps America safe, serves as Americas accounts receivable, keeps Americas decisionmakers informed, fights in Americas conflicts, and so many more things. Unfortuantely, Republicans, like you, do nothing to remind taxpayers that federal workers are middle class and taxpayers too. You and your collegaues talk about the feds as a bunch of scowflaws who don't pull their own weight and pork out at the taxpayers trough. The only people who fit that descritpion work on Capital Hill - all 535 members.
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