8:26 am, May 29, 2015

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  • Major Mistake
    Welcome to the underside of the bus! Looks essentially like a 10% pay cut to me. I'm guessing that President McCain would have never done this to us.
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  • You're right...
    President McCain would have pushed for 20% instead.
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  • Short memories
    It took a decade (1996-2006) to find ways to get talented private sector people into the government since the pay at the time way inferior to private industry. All of that will be undone. Forgive them, for they know not what they do.
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  • One Way To save Money
    I think the take the holidays as unpaid unless you used leave should be removed from the benifets. This would save approximately 4 Billion the first year. Active duty is not afected.
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  • Reducing health benefits is smart?
    Norman's Mother
    Unless we're grandfathered, boomers will require the most expensive care as they age. It makes no sense to mess with our FEHB because when we turn 65 we can get Medicare. So duh, no matter what they do to FEHB Medicare will absorb the brunt of our health care costs. Oh, and don't forget TRICARE. Many of us have FEHB, (will) have Medicare Part B, and also have TRICARE coverage. Once we turn 65 and obtain Medicare Part B, we'll automatically be enrolled in Tricare for Life. Congress is truly a bunch of dolts. No matter what they do the bulk of our health care costs will still come out of the Fed govt budget.
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  • Disastrous
    My wife and I are both in our mid 30s, and have been feds for 2 and 4 years respectively, and (we hope) are the type of folks that Obama wanted to help "make government cool" again. My wife also has diabetes. If they switched to a defined benefit plan (which only the stingiest firms with poor reputations do now), we would have no choice but to go back to the private sector. We can (and expect to) put up with a lot of garbage, but that would be the a make or break issue.
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  • Common sense
    I must start out first by saying I completely agree with most of you in regard to most feds will now have to work longer if the HIGH-5 is enacted into law. That's a no brainer actually. But with enough planning on our (feds) behalf will help minimize the effect. The 3 year pay freeze that Congress is touting also hurts...another no brainer. The part I completely don't understand is the fact that you folks are blaming the President for this as if it were HIS plan. The 3 year pay freeze is being touted by Senate Republicans as well as the HIGH-5 plan. It is clear that those who claim to be Republicans are truly narrow minded and can't see the truth through your rose colored glasses and actually use a little thing called common sense to capture what is reality. You only see the (R) behind a legislator or candidate and agree with whatever they are selling to spite yourself. I realize this is a forum to vent but...when the venting boils down to a political debate based solely on political affiliation...it takes away from any validity a comment may have had. I ask that you ALL read the facts on the numerous H.R. that the Senate has proposed that will effect the federal workforce as a whole and pay close attention to the letter associated with the congressman that proposed the H.R. You will clearly see that the ones that are hurtful to us federal employees will have an (R) next to their name. But keep on voting for them so you have something to complain about...and better yet...then have the nerve to lash out on the other party and their representatives who are actually trying to minimize the impact to the federal workforce. It wasn't the current administration who decided it was a good idea to spend over $150 billion to send troops needlessly to honor his father. As a proud American, I'm still hoping they find those weapons of mass destruction. Those darn things have turned our country upside down financially searching for them. America had budget surlpluses prior to the previous administration. And guess what? Oil was $27 a barrel and 99 cents a gallon. I guess asking folks to use a little bit of common sense is asking a bit too much. Hope you feds who vote strictly (R) during the elections don't ever need medicare after retirement or worse yet, have any elderly parents that you actually care about that rely on it. I could probably go on but hope that "Path to Prosperity" does you well. For those of you who are wondering, I actually vote for the candidate who is good for all regardless of their party affiliation. Just saying
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