9:43 am, May 24, 2015

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  • Deficit Plans
    Looks like I'll be working until I'm 70 years old to make up the difference from all of the cutting of federal employee benefits. I'm sure Capitol Hill wants people to retire eventually, but all these changes are going to have the opposite effect - people are going to work until they drop like flies out of fear and the younger feds will leave government because they won't get promotions fast enough to suit them!
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  • Below the RADAR
    At least the President didn't throw us under the bus right from the start so that the other side could pile on even more. We must remain vigilant and keep the pressure on Congress to leave our earned benefits alone. What we don't want are closed door midnight deals that impact our retirement and benefits. There must be consequences to those who tread on Federal employees and we must be able to identify who they are so that they suffer the consequences in the next election.
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  • Just the opposite
    I am outta here just as soon as I hit 60. Not waiting around for nothing, Frozen pay what is the point ?.. You may see me at Walmart as the door greeter..
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  • I'm with you
    Except I'm out of here the second I'm eligible (in 10 years) or they offer me a buyout. I'm 46 now with 23 and half years and if they offer me a buyout at 25 years, I'm gone. I won't even stay in the country, since Odumdum and the inept Congress has destroyed the US. For those that voted for ODumdum, how's that change working for ya? This country will be wholly owned by the Chinese or Arab (g-d forbid) with Odumdum's plan.
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  • Cutting Federal Benefits
    Not sure any of this is well thought out. If you want federal employees withf high salary to leave government to reduce costs, making retirement benefits based on 5 years rather than the current 3 years is counterproductive. It will only force high pay workers, who were planning to leave ,to stay 2 more years so as to not get a reduced retirement benefit. I am planning to retire next year with a high 3, if forced to use past high 5, I will lose $300 a month on my FERs annuity. So 2 more years I have to stay if I want to meet my bill when I retire. Federal workers are being asked, no told, that we have to make up for the sins of the politicians.
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  • Joral..
    Is so right. It will cost the Gov more in the long run and keep higher wage earners in the Gov longer, so you spend more on both accounts. But hey nobody said Mr. O'B was the sharpest pencil in the box.
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  • could go either way
    The effect on going to high 5 could go either way. If you were planning to retire next year with a high 3, then you would react in either of 2 opposing ways. 1. Jump ship before the effective date, even though it may be before the date you planned, or, 2. Decide that in order to have the same benefits, stay longer. This would likely be the result if someone who is eligible, still could not afford to go. They could decide that whatever level of pension they want, they have to stay longer for it. UI don't thinkanyone knows how many would fall into which category. However, those close, but not eligible, would have to stay longer. This would have a ripple effect on promotions down the line, blocking the pipeline like a stopped up toilet.
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  • Do the math
    Just me
    It's simple to figure this out... the Republicans want to take money out of your pocket. I would stipulate that an "evening" effect would help some... so be prepared to take money OUT of the economy. Spend NOTHING you don't have to spend.
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