11:45 am, May 25, 2015

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  • Mandatory training for supervisors
    Norman's Mother
    Legislation like this really angers me because the military who "supervise" civilians will not be subject to the proposed law. Most DoD agencies employ a workforce of retired military, active duty military and reserve military. None of the above could care less about civilian personnel rules. Rather, they close ranks, huddle and decide on the fly how to handle civilian personnel. Time after time, civilian employees are denied their basic rights and due process. Rather, they're subjected to the "suck it up" military mentality where civilian employees are branded non-team players. I would fire every former, guard, reserve and active duty military who supervise civilian employees. I am totally against the military - in any form- supervising civilian employees.
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  • DoD Supervisors
    It depends on the individual. I have had good and bad bosses who were military, and bad and good who are civilian. Many military may not know how to cope in a civilian environment, nevertheless most of the bad supervisors I have seen in government service have been civilians. Many seem to have an image of themselves on par with God.
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  • The Senate bill is full of holes
    Norman's Mother
    How do they account for civilians working in a NATO environment with elves like Gen Bouchard in charge? I laughed when I saw his picture...they must have given him a platform to stand on so he could reach the mike. He's another little guy who tries to compensate by having an aggressive attitude and a big mouth. Why is it always the little guys who have the biggest mouths and cause the most trouble? He looked like the idiot he is in photo - a dwarf with "tude." God help me, I'm shaking in my boots.
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  • That's all we need.
    A Congressman suggesting that others need training. What about his training to be fiscally responsible? What about his traiing to remain ethical?
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  • Literacy
    Start with basic literacy. I am convinced that a major part of why my bosses do not follow most rules and regulations is because they cannot understand words with over 5 letters. They also fail to grasp why emails sent in "phonetics" are misunderstood by so many workers (Hint: their, there, and they're are different words with different meanings). If English was their 2nd language, I would be a little more tolerant, but when the boss can't write in his/her native language, does he/she really anticipate respect?
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  • Managers Course
    The good senator would be more useful to the nation and governmental operations if were to propose a course on Succeeding with Performance Metrics for all members of congress.
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