2:47 pm, May 30, 2015

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  • No unemployment here!
    Big Joe
    Seems you need a SF50 to get DC unemployment....except my agency doesn't give them out and there is no way to get one without going through HR. HR is refusing to give anyone any SF50 except for the one they cut when you are furloughed....which means they will have to cut thousands of SF50's. I'm pretty sure they can't do that within the four hours they are working on Monday...........
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  • Excepted Service Personnel to Work Without Pay
    Radar Tech
    Hey, that's swell that the non-essen...er...non-excepted service folks can at least get unemployment benefits while they are furloughed. I'm glad for them. 98 weeks of paid vacation sounds pretty sweet. However, to use a little astronaut lingo, "Houston, we have a problem!" Excepted service personnel are expected to show up for work anyway, on the promise that we will eventually get paid. Full faith and credit and all that...which is great, except, I cannot fill up my gas tank at the local station and just tell the folks I'll pay them when I get paid by Uncle Sugar. No, sir! They call that "driving off". It might work for those fancy elected types, but in our distant trans-beltway orbits, we go to jail for that sort of conduct. We cannot even write checks that bounce against the congressional House bank. So what should we do to pay for the gas to commute to our non-pay status work sites? Should we use our travel credit cards? Gosh, no! We can get "fired" for that. Sheesh, imagine getting fired from a job that isn't paying you! Tragic! Well, its a good thing they put the pay freeze into effect, so that when they pay us nothing, we won't be getting paid that extra nothing that will tilt the budget over the edge of the cliff. We wouldn't want GM or the Wall St. banks to get nervous about where their next Trillion was coming from. You know, this budget thing was supposed to be done last OCTOBER!!! It could have been done without a fight back in DECEMBER!!! But NO! They had to play the game! They had to roll the dice with us in the ante and play politics on our backs! You know, I just might have to call in sick to my non-paying job on Monday. Who needs Radar when thousands of planes are whizzing around at hundreds of miles per hour, several thousands of feet above ground? Shoot, our congress flies blind every day and look what fine shape we are in. Oops...I guess my gruntled got dissed. Maybe one of my representatives would like to work with the high voltage and radiation producing pieces of equipment while I am out sick. We've all got to make sacrifices these days, boys, so suck it up and keep going. That's the spirit Mr. Congressman...you GO! Rock on!
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  • Helping Unemployed Feds
    Norman's Mother
    I was not aware that Feds were helping potential unemployed Feds until I read this article. I personally hate to clean house and would be more than willing to hire an unemployed/underemployed Fed to to just that. If you're interested, please call 703-583-2871. Even doing dusting would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
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