12:22 pm, May 27, 2015

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  • Paul Ryan
    Paul Ryan is an IDIOT and so is the rest of the tea party. I SAY REPUBLICANs SHUTDOWN THE GOVERNMENT. I SAY TO THE DEMOCRATS HOLD FIRM and to tell the REPUBLICAN tea party to go to hades, just sit back and watch. Let the REPUBLICANS drown in this.---Paul Ryan so-called trillion dollar budget cut is just about as lame and fake as he is.-- Didn't this man say he goes to church? Why? He only serve his father the devil anyway. paul ryan is useless and a waste of a good seat in the WH. His plans will never work anyway cause they are moving to fast and one or his party cannot get the country out of debt in a few months. All this stupidity they are proposing will have ramifications that none of these lame ducks has given any thought to, but the end will show them because it will take another congress to fix what that idiot Paul Ryan and his rich Republican congress friends messed-up. These people are rich and haven't the faintest idea that they are making the poor and middle class suffer all the more. But what do rich power hungry men who thing they are God care about? Answer-- themselves
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  • Get your facts straight
    First off, you can call Paul Ryan an idiot all you want. Fact of the matter is he is doing exactly what he ran on, cutting government spending. Just people dont like to have anything cut in their own backyard. You think this Trillion dollar budget cut is lame. Are you kidding me, this country is so far underwater its not even funny. If the Governments budget was comparable to yours and mine, we would be living in a cardboard box right now with every creditor we had taking everything they could from us. And thats exactly the point we are at right now. Once China decides to stop buying US debt and starts to cash out (like they are doing already) and we can no longer afford our debt obligations, what are we going to do then? Right now we make it by printing out more and more money...so dont plan on leaving the country anytime soon cause the dollars not worth very much. Also, you think things are bad now, if we dont rain in this spending inflation will go through the roof. Hope you like paying 13$ a gallon for milk...cause I sure won't. The truth of the matter is that every major investor who has invested in this country is pulling their money out because a US treasury isn't worth a dime. Its pretty bad, the only reason we are still floating is because we are the only nation allowed to continue to print as much of our currency as we want. You may not want to hear it but we need to cut spending and cut it now....Across the board. Not just in certain areas.
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  • Foaming at the mouth
    I notice a consistent trend in progressive/liberal rants; they spew hatred, don't make much sense, and have poor grammar.
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